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STEP ONE below--please complete now or let us know. STEP TWO--PROMOTE! STEP THREE is essential. STEP FOUR is informational.
STEP ONE: Promotion! Please make a Facebook Event page right away--or let us know if you want us to do this for you!
• We use the Facebook Event pages for our main website calendar AND we want to start getting people excited about the show ASAP.
If you’ve never done this learn how

1. Title

The title should be Your Band Name – Live@210. (That’s the band name, then a space, then a hyphen, then another space, then Live@210 (Live@210 is all one word) with a capital L and no other punctuation.)

2. Public, not Private Event

The default on personal page events is private! It cannot be changed after it is created, so this is important to get right at the beginning. Change the event to public. On band/musician pages (preferred) events are public by default so this won’t be a problem.

3. Description Box on Facebook Event

Describe the type of music your band plays

Include bios of the band and band members. Content is good!

Include links to your website and links to video or audio so people can hear what you sound like and get excited about the show. Hyperlinks should start with http:// so should look like where you insert your link in place of the italicized.

4. Tickets

Leave this block empty

5. Family-Friendly

The answer to this is typically yes Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday. Can be yes or left unchecked for Friday/Saturday.

6. Event Photo

The event photo you upload has to work in a horizontal format, because that’s just the way Facebook event and cover photos work. Best is a high-resolution landscape (horizontal) photograph (550x290 pixels, but you can try uploading your picture and see how it looks even if not that exact size).
STEP TWO: More Promotion!
• If we don't already have images for your band, and if we are doing your facebook event, please send images now. We need landscape-oriented images.

Accepted file types: png, tif, jpg, gif, eps, tif, bmp.

Accepted file types: png, tif, jpg, gif, eps, tif, bmp.

• Promote early, late and in-between!

210 will do everything in it’s power to promote the show, but we know you have your people and your connections. Please send emails, make phone calls and get the crowd excited on Facebook right away to ask your people to save the date.

Come by the restaurant for dinner and try a few things so you can share from your heart how great the food is. We make our money from food and beverage, so if people wine and dine, we’ll be that much happier to have you back again.

Accept co-host request for the event, or use the "add to page" option on the event to add it to your Facebook page. Share the event on your personal page and ask your friends to share.

1-2 weeks and 1-2 days prior to the show send out invites from your Facebook event and email to your list with links to tickets or reservations (depending on the show) so that your people can have the best seats in the house! Even the couch seats can be reserved--but these can get snapped up early.

STEP THREE: Preparing for your arrival.
• Guest Reservations. We will make room for your guests!! Please send reservation requests now to Please send a guest list 24h prior to your show. We normally appropriate 1 guest per bandmember so if you have other needs please let us know.
• We have a wonderful Hammond A100 which uses 3 inputs. We have a beautiful grand piano, but it is off the stage, so may be of limited use except in jazz groups that play off the stage.
• Let us know if you would like a board recording ($175). We also offer livestream, large screen simulcast and video recording services. Please contact for more information.
• Please send to a stage plot (for Friday & Saturday night shows, or large productions on other nights).
You can use this resource to create a stage plot. Note: The organ can be moved stage plot
• Fill out the form below

1. Input Your Information

2. Additional Production Needs

3. Instrument Inputs

Please specify all drum toms and number of keyboard channels. Most bands use between 12 - 20 inputs. With notice, we can accommodate up to 32 channels
STEP FOUR: Day of show.
• Band cars can unload in our parking lot then bring cars to the valet in front for free valet parking, or you may park on the street. Our lot: From Green Bay go east on Prairie (Route 22) to the alley marked “210” and “Restaurant Parking”. The load-in door has a “210” logo on it.


4:30 Load-in and 5:15 sound check. Restaurant opens at 6pm so if you feel you would like more time please let us know.

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