Rally Day at 210 Live

Thursday, April 25 @ 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Timezone: UTC0

Rally Day - playing your favorite classic rock and MORE! We play music that you remember from your youth. These are classics, at least to you, and this music still finds a special place in your heart. We play fun music for fun people. Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Tom Petty, Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, Van Morrison, Steve Miller, John Cougar, Phish, Pearl Jam. Reggae, Rock, Folk, Funk.

Andy Litjens - guitar, vocals
Kirk Gregory - guitar, vocals
Andy Balke - bass guitar
Keith Link - drums

THE 210 LIVE EXPERIENCE: 210 Live is not just a music venue. It's not just a bar. It truly is an experience. People walk in and feel the energy in the place. It's something special...some even say magical. It's a place that people fall in love with, and want to return to again and again.

VENUE: 210 Live offers the best live entertainment on the North Shore Wednesday through Sunday. The urban chic ambience creates a perfect setting for live music and private parties, with clear site-lines and great acoustics throughout. Free Valet. Located at the Highwood Metra stop. Featuring a simple Venue Menu 210live.com/venuemenu for your music enjoyment sustenance.
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