Tech Info

Lay of the Land:

  • 210 Live is in Highwood, IL, 29 miles from Chicago and 65 miles from Milwaukee. We are one block from the Highwood Metra stop on the Union Pacific North Line. Our clientele includes patrons from Chicago’s North Shore on Lake Michigan and points west.
  • Our venue is a dining room and music venue in one.  The sound is uniquely special due to the fact that in a past life the room was a bowling alley with the acoustics geared towards sound regulation. This past also is why all site-lines are clear.

  • Stage is 18′ deep 24′ wide.  18″ high.  Click here and click on the “VENUE” button for various views of the venue and stage.   

  • We have a variety of configurations of standing and seating.  

We have featured some stellar artists, including:

  • Joan Osborne and Axial Tilt, featuring Stu Allen from Phil Lesh and Friends, Rob Eaton and Dino English from the Dark Star Orchestra, Robin Sylvester from Bob Weir’s Ratdog, and Mitch Stein from Groove Division.
  • Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio
  • The Bad Plus
  • The Samples
  • Max Weinberg
  • Jon Cleary
  • Yellowjackets
  • Howard Levy
  • Corky Siegel
  • Paul Wertico
  • Leonid & Friends

Stereo PA System, designed and installed 9/2017 by TC Furlong:

  • EAW UX3600 Processor

  • (3) QSC RMX5050a Power Amplifiers (Subs, lows, mids)

  • (1) QSC RMX2450a Power Amplifier (Highs)

  • (2) EAW QX596i Loudspeakers

  • (2) EAW VF250i Subwoofers


  • Behringer X-32 Board (32 inputs, 16 outputs, midas Preamps)

  • S-32 Digital Snake to Stage.

  • Every Channel has a low-cut filter, 4 band parametric EQ, compressor, 48v phantom power, and gate.

  • Digital Hall and Plate Reverb available on any input

  • Digital Stereo Delay and Chorus available on any input


  • (4) Yamaha DBR12 Active Wedges

  • (2) Mackie SRM450 Active Wedges

  • 8 Discrete Monitor Mixes Available

  • Up to 8 Mono IEM mixes or 4 Stereo IEM mixes

  • Every Monitor mix has a 31 Band Graphic EQ & 6 band Parametric EQ


  • Kawai 6′ Grand Piano model KG-3C

  • Hammond A-100 Organ (B-3 plus internal speaker) with Low Pass Direct Out Channel

  • Leslie Model 147 Speaker Cabinet

  • Yamaha S-90 Electric Piano

  • Fender Deluxe Twin Reverb Reissue (AlNiCo Speaker)

  • ’63 4-piece Slingerland Set
    20×16 bass drum
    14×5 snare drum
    12×8 rack tom
    14×14 floor tom
    Tama Iron Cobra hi-hat stand & bass drum pedal
    5x DW cymbal stands with boom


  • Shure SM58’s

  • Shure Beta 58a’s

  • Shure SM57’s

  • (3) Wireless Shure SM58

  • (3) Shure SM81 SDC

  • (1) Shure SM98 Clip-on SDC

  • (3) Shure PGA56

  • (1) Shure Beta 52a

  • (1) AKG D112

  • (4) Active Mono DIs with Pad & Ground/Lift

  • (1) Active Stereo DI with Pad & Ground/Lift

  • Feel Free to Bring Your Own Mics – Let management know ahead of time

Recording/Streaming/Video Magnification:

  • We have two fifteen foot screens, one on either side of the stage, and plus 4 additional LCD monitors in the venue.

  • We offer both stereo and multitrack recording of all shows. 

  • We offer livestream and video magnification.  

  • Unless otherwise specified in artists’ contract, 210 Restaurant and Live Music Lounge retains ancillary rights to all media content captured on the premises, including but not limited to pictures, video, and audio.


  • Load-in is from the parking lot behind the venue (Entrance on Prairie Ave.) The door in this lot has direct stage access.

  • For artists with cars, please check your car with the valet free of charge after load-in, or if early you may prefer street parking.

Dressing Room/Green Room:

  • We have an intimate green room available with private access to both the stage and parking lot. This room is large enough for 3-5 Band members to relax comfortably. This room can also hold cases/bags/gear to keep it safe and out of harms way.

  • A larger room also with street exit access is available on the lower level.

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