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1. The Basics

2. Video/Sound/Info Links

We want artists booked to be on both BandsInTown and Facebook for proper promotion
If we book you we will need for you to upload the best 15-30 second clip of your band you can find. This allows us to do the best job we can to promote you so that we can all have a successful outcome. We thank you in advance!

3. Description of band 210 can use in promotional materials*

Write a description of what your band is about that will entice audiences to come out and see your show. We will use this description on our Facebook Events and on our website.

4. Following

Anything else that might be in your favor for booking, e.g.: other links, how many people you think you could bring to Highwood, your band's connection to this area of Chicagoland, the size of your Facebook network. Do you send invitations from your Facebook events? How big is the email list you'll be using to promote the gig:
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